ABOUT US Biggest Backyard Ever  

DOGHOUSE is located on 200+ beautiful, spacious acres made up of woods, farmland, and streams, not to mention play yards, exercise structures, and dirt dunes.  For most dogs, ours is THE BIGGEST and BEST backyard they’ll EVER experience! Each of our spacious suites leads to outdoor stretching yards where your dog can play with dogs from two neighboring suites. In addition to the convenience of the stretching yards, DOGHOUSE features three fenced-in play yards, each more than two acres in size, where you’ll find the exercise structures and dirt dunes that help keep our dogs exercised, healthy, and happy. 

A fourth yard—our Silver Yard—is our dog park. This yard is available, by the hour, exclusively to you and your canine friends for full-out running and fun! Check out Other Treats for more information.

Surrounding all of these individual play areas are acres and acres of trails regularly used for walking DOGHOUSE guests once they are determined to be off-leash reliable.

DOGHOUSE gives new meaning to “playing in the backyard”!


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