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We’re proud of the exceptional staff we’ve put together at DOGHOUSE.  Here you can read about what makes each of us uniquely qualified to care for your dogs. While compiling our staff profiles, we realized that, for many of us, the path that led to DOGHOUSE was a winding one that afforded us opportunities and accomplishments that, at the time, were seemingly unrelated to the canine community. We consider ourselves fortunate to have landed at DOGHOUSE where, every day, we have the opportunity to excel at what we do best-connecting with and caring for dogs we love!

DOGHOUSE owner, Nancy, understands that our unique DOGHOUSE offerings are relationship-based. For this reason, she solicited us to provide more than just resume points. Click on our profiles and you’ll find insights into our core values and dispositions. Nancy’s prompting question – What breed are you most like? The answer exposed a simple truth: we tend to gravitate toward dogs that most remind us of ourselves.

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