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Dogs have their own way of communicating the fun they’re anticipating when they arrive at DOGHOUSE, and it includes plenty of tail wagging as they walk in the door.

Owners like to show appreciation for the peace of mind they feel when they bring their dogs to our house. Here you can read just how passionate our members are about DOGHOUSE daycare and overnight care. Our training clients, too, have plenty to say about the progress they and their dogs have made with the help of our training.

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Scamp loves the Doghouse, and what’s not to love? They take special care to place him with dogs of similar temperament, so he gets the most out of his playtime. He goes on long walks and loves exploring the property. The staff here is incredible. They really take the time to get to know your dog and provide constructive suggestions with behaviors to practice at home. Sometimes Scamp doesn’t want to get off of the couch in the mornings, but when we tell him he’s going to the Doghouse, he finds the energy. He’s always worn out after a full day of play. There is no other place that I would trust to take care of our little guy. - Orsi




When my best friend of 12 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the veterinarian said there was nothing that could be done for him. At first I felt helpless. But I soon realized that I could do so much by making his remaining weeks both playful and happy. This is when I discovered the Doghouse and began bringing Kaiser every day. Dropping him off on my way to work each morning, the excitement in his eyes and the wag of his tail was all of the evidence I needed to determine how he felt about the wonderful handlers at the Doghouse. I cannot sufficiently describe how grateful I am, and how lucky I feel, to have such a wonderful place for my devoted pal. - Kevin M.

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