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Dogs have their own way of communicating the fun they’re anticipating when they arrive at DOGHOUSE, and it includes plenty of tail wagging as they walk in the door.

Owners like to show appreciation for the peace of mind they feel when they bring their dogs to our house. Here you can read just how passionate our members are about DOGHOUSE daycare and overnight care. Our training clients, too, have plenty to say about the progress they and their dogs have made with the help of our training.

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Riley and Zeke


Riley and Zeke

The Doghouse is everything that a dog (and dog owner) could hope for; large fenced and unfenced areas for running and exploration, clean and secure facilities and staff members that truly understand and connect with dogs. After a day at the Doghouse, Riley and Zeke are very tired, very mellow and very happy. The Doghouse is outstanding and every person that I have referred to the Doghouse feels the same   - Gary B. 

- Helen S.




My dog is dominant, but not aggressive. He had a bad track record in other doggy day cares because there was a lack of understanding of dog language and not enough supervision necessary to prevent issues between different dog personalities. I wasn't sure where to turn until I discovered the Doghouse. The staff is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of my dog and he is able to play safely and appropriately with his new dog friends every visit! I know he loves the Doghouse because he whines and wags his tail as we approach the entrance. Roland always returns home tired and content after a stay at the Doghouse. Thank you for "getting" Roland and allowing me to travel again!!   - Cara W. 

Kevin M.

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