Overnight Memberships Levels & Rates  

Dogs thrive when they know what is expected of them, which is why we’ve created our flexible membership levels—BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD. At every level, DOGHOUSE dogs experience hours of outdoor play and free-play time with their friends and are comfortable and confident with their routine and level of independence. All dogs begin at the BRONZE level, but once your dog has spent some time at DOGHOUSE, our pack leaders will reevaluate them. Our goal is to advance your dog to GOLD level at a pace he or she is comfortable with so they can participate in off-leash runs on the 200 acres of wooded land, streams, and farm fields that comprise the DOGHOUSE grounds.

We are sociable dogs with little obedience training. Some of us have not learned all directional and interruptive cues; others of us know them but are inconsistent in following them. We do enjoy plenty of time lounging and enjoying free-run time in one of the DOGHOUSE fenced-in yards.
At this beginning level, training is recommended to help dogs learn and model positive behavior to more quickly advance to SILVER level.

  • Learning to be good leash walkers
  • Beginning to recognize and respond to our cues
  • Usually come when called
  • Have had inconsistent training
  • Adjusting to the suite concept and may occasionally complain
  • Learning patience at gates, doors, and when given food

Introducing Cues:  No · Quiet · Sit · Wait

Daycare: $39 · Overnight: $52 · Handler’s Haven: $57 · TLC+ Program: $57 · Long-line Training $20/half hour

We are sociable dogs with enough obedience training to follow directional cues. Until we are completely self-reliant, we have the ability to free-play with our friends and explore the two-acre, fenced-in yard. At this level, line training is not required but is encouraged for advancement to the GOLD level.

  • Usually consistent with following cues
  • Social with most dogs
  • Training is apparent
  • Comfortable in our suites
  • Sits and waits at gates, doors, and when given food

Learning Cues:  No · Quiet · Sit · Wait · This Way · Come · Leave It · Let’s Go

Daycare: $34 · Overnight: $47 · Handler’s Haven: $52 · TLC+ Program: $52 · Long-line Training $20/half hour

We have worked hard to get to this level, and our handlers understand that, without reinforcing cues, our good behavior may modify. We spend a lot of time outdoors in one of our two-acre yards and those of us that are off leash reliable also enjoy walks on our entire two hundred acres of DogHouse property. We also enjoy the dirt dunes containing multi-level hills and culverts for fun agility challenge.

  • Consistent with all our cues
  • Social with all dogs
  • Well trained
  • Enjoy relaxing in our suites
  • Sits and waits at gates, doors, and when given food

Mastered Commands:  No · Quiet · Sit · Wait · This Way · Come · Leave It · Let’s Go · Behind · Close

Daycare: $27 · Overnight: $42 · Handler’s Haven: $47 · TLC+ Program: $47


Long line training is a method our trainers use to teach verbal cues. Taught with a long line, your dog progresses from having the line controlled by a handler, to dragging the line, and finally, advancing to no line at all. The line isn’t used as restraint; it is held with no tension and is used to reinforce directional cues.

Although it is not included in the daily rate, long line training by our professional trainers is available to DOGHOUSE members during daycare and overnight stays.

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