How to Train a Dog

The DOGHOUSE is committed to a positive, force free approach to training. We know ” How to Train A Dog “. Our team is dedicated to a holistic approach to education that provides you the tools to encourage your dog to make consistent choices, based on consequences while fostering clear and effective communication. Well-mannered dogs that understand what is expected of them in any social situation can be more present in their owners’ daily routines. Learn techniques in group training classes that foster mutual respect, responsibility and obedience. We believe training your dog, is a unique opportunity to have the most positive influence and greatest success for their future development.


Are you contemplating adding a new dog to your life? Would you like your current dog to be better behaved? Do you wish to train your dog to serve your requirements instead being conditioned to serve its needs? Attending dog classes contributed by someone who installs systems professionally is the best approach, however, not everyone can afford classes. These guidelines are a good begin to training your dog companion. Presently there are many philosophies and approaches to dog training, so do your research and learn what works for you as well as your dog.

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