Training Overview & Rates  

Training your dog is the biggest gift you can give to both you and your dog! Our DOGHOUSE team is committed to using positive, force-free training techniques. For us, force-free training means that we do not employ pain, fear or startle to train dogs. To develop a close relationship with your dog, training is critical. Our DOGHOUSE training classes allow you and your dog to learn techniques to foster mutual respect, obedience and responsibility. Because you will be given the tools to clearly communicate with your dog, they will understand the consequences. These training methods will give you and your dog the ability to make good choices consistently. DOGHOUSE believes using positive training gives you a unique opportunity to have the greatest influence and long term success for a fulfilling relationship with your dog.

Group Classes

Basic Obedience 1, 2, or 3: $120.  6-week class
Puppy Paws 1 or 2: $120.  6-week class
Canine Good Citizen: $120.   6-week class
Scent Class: $130.  6-week class


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