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Cricket, Gidget & Millie

The DOGHOUSE trainer is always very thorough and patient when working with both dogs and people. He has an organic and positive approach which is effective. I have learned great things from him, enabling me to be more calm with my dogs and a better handler. - Sarahjane




My dog Roscoe was large and out of control when we first started working with the DOGHOUSE trainer about a year ago. It was in his Basic 1 class…..Roscoe had already attacked me earlier that day, then while in class he started acting out on my husband. These weren’t vicious angry attacks, more obsessive and out of control, so far out of control that at one time I had to wrap his leash around a tree to keep him from getting at me. I was afraid of my beautiful dog! It was like Roscoe had never been taught the difference between humans and animals (we adopted him at 6 months and didn’t know his past training). Either way, at 120 pounds the attacks left our family bruised and hurting. After that first class the trainer told us that we could continue the class, but it probably wouldn’t be helpful. He suggested a private consultation. It was the best thing we could have possibly done for our family and our dog. One year later…We continue to take classes because they are so much fun. In addition, we chuckle when our friends ask us, “Is that the same dog?”….. “He listens so well.” - Joan

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