Long Line Training / One-on-One Time

For Bronze and Silver dogs that are not yet off-leash reliant, we offer a virtual off-leash experience. On our 200-acre property, assigned handlers will work one-on-one with your dog using our long-line method – enhancing your dog’s understanding of directional commands.

Half-hour of private training – $20

Exclusive Use of 2 Acre Silver Yard

We are constantly looking for opportunities that benefit both dog and owner. Our clients are welcome to use our Silver Yard, which offers a safe environment for owners and their pets. We hope you will take advantage of letting your dog run off-leash.

One hour of exclusive use — $10

Clean Up / Grooming Services

If you value the outdoor activities that engage your dog while in our care but do not want evidence brought back to your home, take advantage of our basic grooming services. We will happily wash, brush and dry your delightfully dirty dog.

Exit Bath – $20
Trimming Nails (available only for compliant dogs) – $12

Transportation / Pick-up and Drop-off

In a perfect world, the kids would dress and feed themselves in the morning, the snooze button would remain untouched, and the streets would be free of traffic. Count on us to transport your dog on less-than-perfect days. We offer pick-up and drop-off to the local community.

One Way – $10
Round Trip – $20

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