Spa Spa  

We know about wellness

Cleanliness is an important part of your dog’s health. Regular brushing and combing helps to remove dead hair and dirt and prevents matting. But this daily ritual results in benefits beyond a healthier and shinier coat. Bathing stimulates the blood supply to the skin.

Additional care must be taken to wash a dog’s coat. Patience and practice have made our bathing experience a treat for dogs around town. Here at the DOGHOUSE, it is important to us that your dog feels relaxed and comfortable during the massage, shampoo and conditioning process. Dog’s shake their wet bodies in approval as they rinse off in a shower setting. We will happily apply a soothing oatmeal salve to dogs that have sensitive skin.

Ear cleaning, expression of the anal glands and trimming of nails can also be added to your dog’s spa experience. Split or broken nails can prevent dogs from an active lifestyle. Thanks to customized clippers designed by our behavioral consultant and our gentle approach, dogs are more cooperative with their least favorite form of pampering.

Give your dog a feel-good and good-for-you spa experience

If you value our outdoor activities but prefer to leave behind the evidence, take advantage of our exit baths. We will happily wash, brush and dry your delightfully dirty dog. Leave with a clean dog and leave us with the clean up!



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