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Where did you obtain your dog?
Breeder    Rescue Pet Store    Other
How long have you had your dog?
What is your dog's feeding schedule/ kind of food/ diet restrictions?
Please describe any medical limitations / regular medication / food allergies?
Does your dog have any special toys they like to chew on?
Do you give your dog peanut butter?
yes no
Are there any other dogs in your family?
yes no
If yes, how do they relate to each other?
Have you ever boarded or placed this dog in a daycare environment?
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If yes, please give feedback on how they did?
Have you ever participated in a dog training class?
yes no
If yes, when and what type of class?
What DOGHOUSE services are you interested in?
Daycare Overnight care Training Bus Service (if in your area)
If overnight care, what are the potential dates?
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