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Below are basic commands your dog will hear while spending time with us. We encourage you to communicate using these commands as well, so that your dog becomes more comfortable at our House – and yours!
                     DIRECTIONAL COMMANDS 

Inspire your dog to perform
a behavior rather than to stop one with any of the following directional commands:

This Way – Encourage your dog to move in your direction.

Wait –          Indicate to your dog to stop momentarily in a stationary position waiting to hear “Let’s go“.

Let’s Go –   Use this release command to signal to your dog to start walking. Typically used following “Wait“.

Sit –             Say this command as it is performed to reinforce the action. A prerequisite to Wait and Down,
                    this is the most natural command.

Down –        Indicate to your dog that it’s time to relax. A prerequisite to “Stay”.

Come –       Signal your dog to return to you and hold that position.

Close –        Indicate to your dog to remain within a predetermined proximity of you.


                     INTERRUPTIVE COMMANDS

Speak the following interruptive commands when you want to stop an action:

No –           Alert your dog to stop an action or behavior. “No” is followed by a word
                  specific to the behavior, such as No Bark, No Garbage or No Cat.

No Bark – Speak this command to alert your dog that barking is unwelcome.

Leave It – Indicates to your dog to avoid, stop or disengage from whatever
                  activity you have declared undesirable. The command should be directed
                  towards your dog with a firm tone.

Off –          Instruct your dog to remove himself from you, the bed, a table, etc.
                 Commonly used as a follow up to “No Jump”.

Quiet –     Silence your dog from barking, whining, or other vocal agitation.

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